The Webhouse Group International is an international group of independently owned companies, offering a range of services within a number of different industries:

web development, online software solutions, telecom expense management, asset tracking and vehicle fleet management. 

Innovative and customer oriented business philosophy is the fundamental driving element in Webhouse Group International research and business development. We are following the industry’s trends to meet our customer needs and offer them advanced solutions. To increase the satisfaction of our customers our team is foresight and open-minded and has a courage to act on it.
The Webhouse Group International welcomes visionary product range development decisions, which has helped in competition with other major industry players and, today, working with clients across the globe.
We are always ready to assist and provide you with up-to-date information on the available products and solutions. 


Webhouse Group International has its roots going back to automotive and vehicle tracking industry with Allen Hartley who was an owner and dealer principal of  the Weiss Motor Group and Jeremy Davidson who was the founder of Bandit vehicle tracking and fleet management. 

In 2005, The Webhouse brand was launched with the formation of an Online Solutions Design and Development Studio, based in Umhlanga (South Africa). 
The Group entered the White labeled telematics software design when Jeremy Davidson sold the Bandit vehicle tracking and started the Webhouse Software division, designing white label telematics portals for the likes of ISUZU Trucks Australia, UD Trucks, GRIDTRAQ vehicle tracking. The Group was further strengthened with the formation of Quantam Telematics which then was headed up by Hugh Thibaud and Dave Keightley which added the hardware design, firmware and manufacturing ability. 

The Group currently trades globally:

  • Durban (South Africa)
  • Melbourne (Australia)
  • Perth (Australia)
  • Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Los Angeles (United States)
  • New Taipei (Taiwan)