At the Webhouse Group International we have worked for many years developing and perfecting our software solutions - offering a rage of products to suit your exact needs as a company. From GPS vehicle tracking solutions, content management platforms, estate management software, and e-commerce catalogues, we’ve got you covered. 

Webhouse Stratatel

Managed by Jeremy Davidson, Webhouse Stratatel is comprised of telecom expense management solutions. 

Telephone Expense Management

  • Fleet Management Carrier Billing Solution 

Webhouse Telematics

Comprised of two sub-divisions - Quantum Telematics and GRIDTRAQ- we offer services to the vehicle tracking industry, developing and supplying tracking software throughout South Africa, Australia, The United States and soon to arrive in Asia.

GPS Tracking Solutions

  • Mobile Mobility Management 
  • Dealer Tracking Services
  • Insurance Telematics Solution
  • White Label OEM FM Solutions
  • Container Track Solutions 

Webhouse Software Solutions 

Webhouse Software Solutions is a purpose built division designed to enhance and maintain the telematics software platform. It features some prominent integration names, including: Microsoft, Dell, Google Maps, SQL and Navteq Mapping. 

Webhouse Support Services 

Webhouse Support Services is comprised of centralized support services company established to provide products and services into the automotive industry.

Webhouse Design Studio

Supervised by Revona Govenden, the Webhouse Design Studio comprises website development, graphic design, SEO practices, Google Analytics set up, Google Adwords campaigns, internet service provider services, data and mailbox hosting. 

Client Front End Solutions 

  • Client My Account Area
  • Payment Gateway
  • Quick Shop
  • iLink Air Software (Content Management Engine)
  • CRM Communicator

Webhouse Online Solutions

Managed by Julie Ramchander and Calvin Hartley, Webhouse Online Solutions, including Estate Management and e-commerce software, is available globally – in South Africa, Ireland, Australia (Melbourne and Perth) and New Zealand.

Bespoke Solutions

  • Recycling and waste management software 

Estate Manager 

  • Property Directory
  • Estate Billing
  • Owners Directory
  • Leases Directory
  • Contractors
  • Gate Control  
  • Transport Manager

Business Management Solutions 

  • Business Directory
  • Basic Business Office Manager
  • Company Intranet
  • File Manager
  • Support Desk
  • Compliance & Audit Manager
  • Service Tool Box
  • Stock Manager
  • Performance Manager
  • Course Manage