Calvin HARTLEY   General Manager South African & Australian division

General Manager
South African & Australian division

After Calvin graduated from High School in December 2006, he spent two years as a full time athlete competing on the archery circuit internationally. He achieved the highlight of his archery career by being selected and competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. During this period Calvin competed internationally in no less than 22 countries and learnt valuable lessons and life skills developed around focus, determination, persistence, dedication, resilience and precision.

Calvin joined the Webhouse Group in 2007 as a trainee Manager and in 2009 he relocated to Melbourne, Australia.

His current responsibilities include managing both the Australian and South African Online solutions divisions of the business.

In his approach he is focused on the development of tomorrow’s technology using his knowledge in Web and Online Business Solutions design and development, SEO, social media and marketing with hands on experience in the daily management of sales and production teams.